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Working remotely in Fuerteventura is one of the best choices I've made in my life.

As an independent I can work remotely with my clients thanks to my pc and a good internet connection.

My name is Simone Stoppioni and I'm the founder of Cofete Coworking.

In this article I want to tell about my self-employed experience and the good fortune of working and living in a magical island like Fuerteventura.

Three years ago I opened mine SEO agency in Corralejo, the Confucionet.

It has been a wonderful three years.

I can do the job I love and I have a chance in mine free time of live in an earthly paradise like Fuerteventura.

Working remotely from an Island on the Atlantic Ocean while remaining in the European community a few hours flight from the main European capitals.

Advantages of working remotely

Whether you are a self employed or an employee, work remotely it has countless advantages that I have found during these three years

  • Work independently and freely. 
  • You can organize your time.
  • The reconciliation of working life with personal and family life is improved, which is usually highly valued.
  • If the work is well structured, productivity can increase.
  • Having the opportunity to develop their own projects and passions
  • Being able to work from every corner of the world

As in my experience I have had a lot of benefits.

I was able to organize my agency and my work without having to meet clients and partners.

A pc, a webcam, a good internet connection and a good organization of time allowed me to work in total autonomy.

In the meantime, the island and its climate allowed me to cultivate my passions 12 months a year.

My passion for photography and the drone gave birth to two small projects.

The first is my vivisolecanarie instagram account where I publish the photographs I take during my free time.

My second great passion was born here in Fuerteventura and is video shooting with the drone.

These passions are a great way to to be able to spend my free time in the open area surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

If you are a fan of surf, KiteSurf and Snorkeling this island offers all the environmental conditions to be able to practice them all year round.

Advantages of working remotely in Fuerteventrura

In addition to its climate and its beautiful landscapes, Fuerteventura has a number of advantages for all those who work remotely.

  • The island of Fuerteventura can be reached by flight from the main European cities.
  • Fuerteventura is equipped with an excellent Internet connection, there is and there is also Optical Fiber up to 600MB
  • The climate in Fuerteventura is always mild, oscillating between 15 and 30 degrees
  • Possibility to rent a car from 12 euros per day
  • The cost of petrol is low around 1 euro per liter
  • For European citizens there is no need for a visa, an identity card is enough
  • With the European health card you are entitled to first aid treatment at no cost
  • You live 12 months in shorts and flip-flops and there are no heating costs
  • The cost of living is lower than in the main European capitals
  • There is only 1 hour of time zone with the rest of Europe

These are just some of the benefits I have discovered by living and working here.

Cofete coworking is one collaborative space where professionals from different geographical areas and different professionals come to work and create synergies between them.

Freelancers, companies and teleworkers of all kinds, to create professional and personal opportunities among coworking members, looking for spaces to connect with each other and looking for networking.

For all this it can be said that coworking goes beyond being a mere shared office with which professionals try to save costs.

If you need information, contact us?

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