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School-work alternation at Cofete Coworking

Cofete Coworking

Starting from 02/10/2021 I was able to participate in the Erasmus + WEIT project, a project organized by the European Union.

This project allows a young students, just like me, who still attend high school, to integrate a 'work experience abroad.

What is school-work alternation?

Computer and office

The so-called school-work alternation, called today PCTO, transversal paths for orientation, is one innovative teaching method, which, through practical work experience, helps to consolidate the knowledge acquired at school and to test, enrich and guide the aptitudes and study path in the field.

These routes were returned by the Ministry of Education mandatory for all students of the last three years of high school and, in normal contexts, also represent a requirement for admission to the state exam.

The school-work alternation, compulsory for all female students and students of the last three years of high school, including high schools, is one of the most significant innovations.

Initially it came introduced In the 2003 and consists of a period of theoretical training in the classroom and one of more practical experience in a company or other institution, in which it is decided to carry out the practical period. 

All this has as its purpose that of bring students closer to the world of work and to take the first steps in the sector, acquire skills and knowledgeand that will be useful to them in the future.

How did my experience unfold?

Writing articles

During the month of October I "lived" in a small town in the Canaries, in detail Corralejo, to Fuerteventura.

Here, thanks to the Erasmus + WEIT project and the need to carry out hours of PCTO, required by my school, I carried out my work at the office of Cofete Coworking.

The Cofete Coworking office offered me a chance to increase mine knowledge, in my opinion scarce and limited, in designing articles, blog And Web sites.

I was also able to to practice mine language skills, closely related to my school address, in articles.

The work started at 9:00 and lasted until 13:00, during which I mainly carried out the writing articles in Italian, English or Spanish.

The employer, friendly, kind and easy-going, allowed me to take advantage of the lunch break.

At the end of it I resumed the activity that lasted until the afternoon.

The afternoon it was exploitable to your liking and, together with the companions I left for this experience with, we had fun visit typical places of the island.

What were my first impressions?

School-work alternation

I was initially very skeptical of what I was going to experience.

I was afraid of meeting an employer and colleagues who, being only young interns, would have treated me and considered me badly.

From what the professors and the tutor, who followed our path, had told me, I expected a serious and demanding environment and I, who have never had great skills in using the computer and its related programs, was afraid of not fit in properly.

In reality it was all thequite the opposite of what I would have expected; workers who carried out their business remotely came to this office.

One felt the feeling of a relaxed and peaceful environment, within which the work came carried out with the maximum calm and serenity just to guarantee efficient results.

In the same way, the work they requested did not have a precise expiration date, I could only take one day like three.

The fundamental thing has always been to bring a functional article that could attract the greatest number of users.

In addition to writing articles, I would not have expected to learn how to use social networks or websites, as I thought I already had good knowledge.

Does the experience consist only of work?

Does the experience consist only of work?

El Cotillo

Absolutely not, experience does not wander only in work.

It is a work experience but, contrary to what you think, you spend days on the beach and visit tourist resorts.

For example, I got to to visit, as already mentioned before, some places like:

El Cotillo

El Cotillo

Isla de lOBOS

Isla de Lobos

Calderón Hondo

Calderón Hondo

Puerto del Rosario

Puerto del Rosario

Las Dunas de Corralejo

Las Dunas de Corralejo

Playa de Popcorn

Playa de Popcorn

What have I learned from this experience?

What have I learned from this experience?

Thanks to this experience I have gained more confidence in myself, as I initially strongly doubted mine capacity and I was able to orient myself more on future choices to follow.

I invite everyone who finds this chance in front of live it.

Not only does this experience serve to accumulate PCTO hours, it serves to grow and fully learn what the future may have in store.

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