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According to the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security, in December 2019 the number of self-employed workers was 3,269,089, 0.44% more than in the same month of 2018.

The number of self-employed workers is growing and many of those who find themselves in this situation work from home, in fact, about 10% of jobs in Spain are part of teleworking.

Among those who choose this mode are many self-employed who do not have an office or a work center, even if they would prefer to work outside the home.

For them and for the workers they have hired there is a solution: coworking.

Surely many have already heard of these places, but have not decided to take the step, but it could be time.

The advantages of working in a coworking for a self-employed person

The term coworking is used to refer to a way of working that allows independent professionals, entrepreneurs and SMEs from different sectors to share the same workspace, both physical and virtual, to develop their professional projects independently, at the same time. promoting joint projects' according to Fundéu.

However, there are many types of coworking, some with more benefits than others.

Among the more general advantages of working in a coworking as a self-employed worker are:

Low costs:

coworking allows you to have an office or a job with low rates which, depending on the services you hire, vary around 140 euros per month. Some offer a personal desk, common tables, meeting rooms, an equipped kitchen, a rest area ...

Create community and professional networks:

coworking is made up of different people and companies working in various sectors, many of which are creative, technological projects, etc. It can become a space in which to share ideas and projects and even exchange services for the benefit of different companies.


many of them are open all day and even 24 hours on 24. Without fixed hours, as a freelancer you can hire a rate that allows you to work at any time of the day and for as long as you consider in a position that corresponds to you, as if you had your own office.

Professionalism is another of the advantages that are obtained in areas like this fully equipped with desks, large desks, photo studio, meeting rooms and all the necessary technology.

Also, you can find coworking facilities like this one that focus on fostering talent, for which they have other fully equipped bathrooms or kitchens and with different workshops. That help improve user training and even their mental health with proposals such as the mindfulness.

Undoubtedly it is an option for those who want to separate work from home, but also for those who want to improve and grow professionally, as well as generate different work networks.

Coworking has come to add and create a workspace that attracts more people.

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