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Coworking is no longer just for startups and remote workers.

The advantages of coworking for large companies

As you will see, coworking office space and its unique features offer businesses customizable benefits and flexibility that traditional office space simply cannot provide.

There are five common factors that are driving this huge step towards flexible office space.

1. Business dynamics

Many industries in today's market change very quickly.

Therefore, businesses need to follow suit to keep pace with a dynamic customer base and field of competition.

Coworking space provides them with the speed and agility they need to efficiently and effectively tackle a new market.

Given the complexities of a traditional office lease that takes time, effort and resources, a flexible space option is often a better choice when flexibility and time are of the essence.

2. Multinationals

Many large companies have huge footprints that span different regions, countries or even continents.

If a company has its headquarters in Asia but a growing customer base in Europe, it can quickly open a new office using coworking.

All at lower costs between the 30% and 60% compared to traditional space.

3. Find new talent

Large companies use flexible office space when they want to find and retain specialized talent, often for development, sales, creatives, or any number of roles.

In other words, coworking provides companies with the flexibility to meet the individual needs of critical talent rather than expecting people to interrupt their lives for a job.

4. Accounting benefits

Large public corporations must now list leases lasting one year or more on their balance sheets as liabilities.

Large private companies must follow suit in 2020.

In other words, they can still use flexible office space with short-term deals - less than a year - without negatively impacting the budget.

5. Quickly change their structure

A flexible lease allows them to enter or exit a market quickly and easily.

Advantages of the flexible office for business

Talent, culture and involvement

The modern workforce has different expectations than employees just a year or two ago.

A more open and collaborative environment creates an atmosphere where employees learn critical skills faster, establish ever deeper connections with colleagues and people within their network.

A flexible office space can help a company improve its culture with a more innovative spirit and increase productivity.

Today's workforce, especially millennials and Generation Z, attach great importance to intangibles that go beyond salary and benefits.

They want to work in an atmosphere and organization that reflect their ideals and perspectives.

Cofete Coworking located in Corralejo Fuerteventura allows large companies to make use of spaces for their employees in a natural context that is unique in the world.

Cofete Coworking for Companies

Cofete Coeworking's services and space are perfectly suited for both a small business with five employees and a large one with hundreds.

The fast and reliable Wi-Fi and physical space also eliminate the need for companies to furnish their spaces, create relaxation rooms.

Cofete coworking is a huge asset to large companies as it offers them flexible office space options that allow a company to orient itself based on a highly dynamic market.

Currently, one in seven employees of companies with 100 or more people already uses the coworking space for at least part of the working week.

Although the average usage is less than one day per week for a typical employee, just that small amount of access to a coworking environment yields over 16% more worker efficiency and better work experience than 22%.

Suffice it to say that flexible office space is already an essential part of operations for many large companies.

We look forward to helping large companies choose our ideal coworking space to achieve their goals, finding the flexibility, attractiveness and efficiency needed to compete for both customers and talent.

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