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If you are a lover of calm waters, Costa Calma is the perfect destination for you !!

Costa Calma is one quiet area which is located in the south-east of Fuerteventura, facing the coasts of Africa and is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from the capital (Puerto del Rosario).  

It generally is choice by middle-aged tourists, by families and couples who are looking for simplicity and peace. 

The accommodations present are 4-star hotels and the apartments are of medium category, all characterized by a good range of services. 

Lots of tourists who stay here are part of a 'all inclusive' clientele who are not interested in exploring Fuerteventura, but to stay inside the resort all day, taking advantage of the swimming pool and the numerous services provided by the hotel. 

For this reason in Costa Calma there is no real city center, if not a short stretch of Calle Punta de los molinillos where there are some shops, bars and restaurants. 

Entertainment and activities offered by the hotels in the area consist of: 

  • scuba diving
  • windsurfing
  • tennis
  • volleyball (weekly hotel tournaments) 
  • possibility to spend free time on the beach. 
Costa Calma


  • The beach of Costa Calma 

It's a long stretch of soft and clear sand, covered by a strip of dunes quite narrow and lined with deck chairs and umbrellas. 

Its calm and crystal clear waters are safe for children.

Costa Calma
  • The beach of Sotavento

A short distance from Costa Calma further south is the beach of Sotavento

its length of about nine kilometers leaves tourists speechless.

During low tide the island gains so much ground that some people think Fuerteventura is the largest of the Canary Islands.

The constant sun and golden sand make it worthy of another synonym: heaven.

Sotavento beach

Walking along the south coast 

When there is low tide, from Costa Calma it is possible to walk the 28-kilometer stretch of beaches which flank the entire coast of Fuerteventura to the Jandia lighthouse, passing by some of the most beautiful beaches on the island such as Playa de Sotavento. 

Sometimes though winds could be strong, especially in the afternoon

Costa Calma

Restaurants and nightlife 

The nightlife in Costa Calma, as you can guess from the name, is rather quiet

Evening entertainment takes place mainly inside the hotels, as well as a few local bars, shopping malls and a couple of English pubs. 

The discos are located inside the hotel

Costa Calma's restaurants offer international, German, Chinese and local cuisine, which are mainly found inside shopping centers.

There are also some bars. 

What to do in Costa Calma 

Oasis Park it is a large theme park, an attraction for children and families. 

It is the largest amusement park in the Canaries with its 800 thousand square meters, and is located in La Lajita. The park is home to hippos, giraffes, and over 200 bird species. 

There is also a botanical garden. 

The most interesting attraction of the park is the possibility of taking part in a safari aboard a camel. 

Spending a day at the Oasis Park is one of the best things to do in Costa Calma, for young and old alike. 

If, on the other hand, you are a lover of watersports, in Costa Calma, there are various activities to choose from such as: 

  • windsurfing
  • sail 
  • jet ski
  • kayak
  • fishing
  • sail 
  • catamaran
  • boating
  • diving
  • snorkeling and more. 

Thanks to its beach, Costa Calma is the ideal place to have fun with water sports

I am There are also 8 shopping centers around the resort, where you can wander around clothes and shoe shops.

If you liked the article, comment and let us know if you would like to visit Costa Calma too!

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