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Fuerteventura has always been a very welcome winter destination.

The spring heat typical of the Canarian winter creates a strong contrast with the cold temperatures of Europe.

In recent years Fuerteventura has become a very popular destination for many digital nomads as well.

Every year more and more young people arrive on the island for a short stay and end up staying a few months to work in smart working.

The community of digital nomads on the island is constantly increasing.

It will be for the good mood that we find among the people we meet, or for the vida bonita that prevails on the island.

One thing is certain, Fuerteventura is the perfect place for digital nomads and remote workers.


Comparison of average temperatures with the main European capitals

Cofete Coworking for digital nomads

Cofete Coworking allows all its coworkers to work with the maximum of services.

You will find a high-performance Wi-Fi network inside our room thanks to the fiber connection.

Thanks to our equipped laboratory you can make large prints and scans, as well as the availability of framing in different ways. You just have to bring your laptop and your creative mind.

If you are part of that niche of people who just need a smartphone to work but still need to work on a computer, inside Cofete Coworking you can work with one of our computers available, with the operating system that is most familiar to you, choosing between Windows 10 and Ios.

We offer the possibility of renting a private meeting room and a room equipped for recording video and video calls, in quality and in total confidentiality.

Inside our coworking you can find ready-made workstations, consisting of large desks and ergonomic chairs.

To facilitate the coffee break, you will find a relaxation area equipped with comfortable armchairs and you can use the vending machines for a small refreshment. We also offer different types of hot drinks to better enjoy some relaxation while working.

We believe concentration is important, which is why we provide unlimited coffee for all of our coworkers.

You can meet nomads like you

Inside Cofete Coworking you will continue to work on your projects, but you will not be alone.

You will be surrounded by other nomads and feel a sense of community.

You will get support and help from colleagues who share the nomadic lifestyle. Coworking is also a great COLEARNING opportunity.

You will find yourself sharing your work environment with other entrepreneurs and freelancers with whom you can share experiences and knowledge.

By taking advantage of this great opportunity, you will be able to develop your business through new people who may possess valuable skills you may need.

This also allows you to learn from people with more experience and a different vision than yours.

Thanks to the different types of accommodation we offer you will be able to find the accommodation that suits you best.

We have different coliving accommodations, from hostel to shared house.

Coliving will allow you to create a greater sense of community and share spaces of everyday life outside of work with your new friends.

Alternatively, you can choose a private house if you want to keep more privacy.

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