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Fuerteventura is one of the beautiful Canary Islands in Spain.

It is the second largest island of the Canaries.

It is also the closest to the African coast, being just 97 kilometers from Punta de la Entallada to Cape Juby.

It is therefore not surprising that Fuerteventura presents a landscape similar to that of Africa. Here too it is common to see houses with flat roofs, designed in the North African way.

The island of Fuerteventura enjoys an average of three thousand hours of sunshine a year, like Mexico and Florida. It has more than 150 kilometers of long and wide stretches of sand.

Most of these stretches are characterized by white sand and clear turquoise water.

All these features make this Canary Island an ideal seaside destination in Spain and throughout Europe.

While its coastline is bordered by some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, the interior of this Canary Island is made of stone and rock, due to its long history of volcanic eruptions.

Like other destinations in the Canaries, Fuerteventura is also considered a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

The second largest island of the Canary Islands archipelago by size, it hosts a population of over 107,000 inhabitants (2015) on 62.69 km².

Populated since the first millennium BC by the Guanches - the aborigines of the Canaries - the island attracts young tourism in search of the best seaside resorts to party.

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