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With its subtropical climate, the Canaries offer a mild climate all year round.

With lots of sunshine, low rainfall and temperatures ranging between 20 ° C in January and 26 ° C in August, the islands can be visited all year round.

In the Canary Islands, you can wear a t-shirt all year round!

Winters are mild with temperatures around 20 ° C and hot summers, but not too hot with around 26 ° C.

The rains are rare: almost non-existent in summer and winter, it rains about 3 days a month.

The sun is present all year round with the trade winds blowing continuously and pleasantly.

Mild temperatures all year round, omnipresent sunshine and little rain, that's why the climate of the Canary Islands is considered by some to be the best climate in the world!

The proximity of the Tropic of Cancer therefore only partially affects the local temperature.

It is above all the trade winds and the cold sea currents of the Atlantic that are at the origin of the spring climate typical of the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands are characterized by mild and constant temperatures, always spring.

Furthermore, there is a difference of only 7ºC between the coolest time of the night and the hottest time of the day, meaning that the temperature range is minimal.

To fully understand that these temperatures and such a comfortable climate are a gift of nature, it will be enough to make a comparison with the rest of Europe.

During the hottest hours, the temperature reaches a maximum of 27ºC, compared to 37ºC in some of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.

On the other hand, in summer the average temperature of the islands never goes below 20ºC, compared to 13ºC in the main European cities.

For swimming in the Canaries, the water temperature varies between 16 ° C in January and summer around 24 ° C. The sea is quite cool in the Canaries contrary to what one might think due to the cold currents of the Atlantic Ocean.

Fuerteventura climate

Like its neighboring Canary Islands, Fuerteventura offers mild temperatures all year round ranging from 21 ° C in January to 28 ° C in August.

The rains are rare and the sun is very present. One of its peculiarities is its warm winds of Saharan origin that blow with greater intensity than the other Canary Islands, thus offering beautiful waves to many surfers.

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