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I am a 3rd year high school computer science student in Poland.

I visited Fuerteventura thanks to the Erasmus + program.

Recruiting started in February 2022, so I applied with my friends and we got in with no issues.

The preparation was chaotic because there were only 2 months left before departure.

In the meantime, there have been various organizational meetings and a lot of stress.

Finally, on April 22, 2022, we started our journey.

The first part of our trip was a ride to the Vienna airport. The journey took about 8 hours. When we arrived we left our bags and after security we went to our Gates.

The flight took about 5.5 hours, for some it was the first flight in their life, for me it wasn't.

The flight was calm, without any turbulence.

We finally arrived at the Fuerteventura airport in Puerto del Rosairo

We collected our bags and went to the hotel.

After checking in I went to sleep.

And that was my first day.

On Wednesday my classmate and I went to work at Cofete Coworking where we met our boss and co-workers.

The boss has given us some homework to do.

At work our boss taught us how Google ranks websites, how Amazon's affiliate program works, how Google Analytics and AdSense work, etc.

We have been commissioned to write articles on a blog concerning the Canary Islands.

El Cotillo - Piedra Playa

This gave me the opportunity to discover the Canarian culture, we visited places like Isla de Lobos, El Cotillo with wonderful beaches, the Corralejo dunes and volcanoes like Bayuyo in Lajares.

This entire 4 week trip was a great time for me.

We tried to live without parents; in a country with a different culture

View of Lobos Island from Bayuyo Volcano

This experience has taught me many new things.

Finally at 21 May we finished our 4 week trip, went to the airport, flew back to Vienna and went to Poland.

I want to sum up this experience by summarizing the best and worst things I have tried:

The best:

- Cruise to Lobos (the boat was very fast)

- Homecoming (yes, home is home)

- Views to the Bayuyo Volcano

- Paella (very tasteful dish)

- The whole trip was free (co-financed by the EU)

- Prices in stores (everything seems cheaper)

The worst:

- Flight (the plane was old and uncomfortable)

- 4 weeks was too long for me.

The whole trip was a great experience. If anyone has the opportunity to take a trip like this I recommend it.

Tomasz Piaskowski 

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