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Today I will tell you my experience in Fuerteventura !!

If you would like to come too, this article is for you !!

First of all, nice to meet you, my name is Gabriele Veronesi, I live in Italy, I attend the fifth grade and I was selected as a participant of theErasmus + Wait of this year. 

the 2/10/21 I left Italy (Malpensa Airport) to come here to Fuerteventura as an intern.


The first few days I had to adapt to Canarian heat and the very relaxed lifestyle you live !!! 

I also went to explore the island a bit to discover the various places that enclose it.

I've been to the Popcorn Beach, which would be a beach formed by rhodolites, algae, whose original red color has become white over time. The waves, pushing them ashore, gave them a unique shape.

Popcorn beach
Popcorn beach

After that I went on Calderón hondo volcano crater, and it was beautiful, there was a lot of wind and unfortunately my hat flew into the volcano, despite this the panorama was truly breathtaking!!

Calderón Hondo
Calderón Hondo

The following days I went on other excursions including, the island of Lobos, and I must say that it deserves a lot to visit, not only for its crystal clear waters, but for everything. 

It was wonderful!!

Lobos Island

As for the job, I joined a company, called Cofete Coworking.

My business tutor is called Simone, has been very professional and kind in receiving me and two other companions.

He explained this new world to me very well, Il Coworking, which would be a new working style, characterized by the sharing a work environment with other professionals, both from the same sector and from totally different sectors. 

While working in a shared space, the peculiarity of coworking is that each individual maintains his or her independent activity. 

In fact, contrary to the typical office, the coworking environment mainly hosts freelancers or people who travel frequently for work and therefore do not have an office or a traditional workplace. 

Then he introduced me to his colleagues Antonino and Filippo, very nice too and very easy going, it seemed to me to be like family.

If someone was having difficulty doing something, they were helped.

In fact, the first few days I came to work, I had to get help to understand how things worked.

Over time I have become more autonomous in carrying out my duties, writing articles and doing the things I was asked to do, and I am really happy with that.

Simone also explained to me all the digital marketing strategies, how to create a website, a blog and how to make the most of entertainment.

He is really a smart person, also because he made me passionate about this job !! 

It is said that if you do a job that you are passionate about you will feel like you are not working buti, and indeed it is true. 

Since I started working I never stopped, I was like a train that wrote articles after articles !!

Passion is the car you have to travel the kilometers that separate you from your goals, training is the fuel you put into it. The more petrol you put, the farther you go!

I learned a lot of job skills, I learned to interact with guys I didn't know, to talk to each other and we also made friends.

This experience has served me a lot in many ways, and has made me grow.

Hope to repeat this experience in the future !! I liked it very much !!

So if you like warm weather and a very relaxed atmosphere, Fuerteventura and the Canaries are the right place for you !!

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any further questions about it, just let me know in the comments !!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, for having excited us, and for encouraging us to explore all these wonders, we hope to see them as soon as possible, thank you very much.

  2. Hi Gabry, a really interesting experience that you will carry in your heart, also because it is the first !!! I wish you many more in the future, with the same enthusiasm and the same curiosity.
    I know that it is not possible to bring some popcorn as a souvenir ... so I count on the photos, equally suggestive. We will screen them at Lim thanks to Viola's complicity.
    Hola Chico, buena continuacion !!!

  3. Hi Gabry, magnificent places !!!!! Enjoy this experience that you will carry in your heart for a long time, also because it is your first away from home.
    I wish you to be able to taste many others, with the same enthusiasm and the same curiosity.
    By the way, since it is not possible to have popcorn as a souvenir… ..we are waiting for the photos to be shown in the classroom at Lim, with Viola's complicity. Thanks and buena continuacion !!! ✋😉

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