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Thanks to my school address, tourism, and to the European Union, in October I left with other kids from my school for Fuerteventura

At the beginning I didn't know what to expect, also because the information that was given to me before leaving was not much, I only knew that I had to bring elegant clothes and a computer. 

As soon as she arrived on the island, despite the fatigue from the flight, I was very impressed with the very different environment from the ensemble of buildings and streets I'm used to in Monza.

arrival in Fuerteventura

My experience at Coworking

After a couple of days to get used to the country, which I honestly haven't been able to do just a few days after returning to Italy, we went together with the Fuerteventura manager of the Erasmus Plus Project, Laura, each in their own workplace

I had already been given a link on which to browse mine, ma I did not expect at all the school-work alternation that in the end I did

After two years closed at home for the covid, I certainly did not think that I would end up in the Canary Islands to do my hours of school-work alternation and I thought, especially after seeing the place where I would work, that I would have ended up at the front office to sell things, or to arrange objects on the shelves, in short, the classic internship jobs, and instead I stayed moHigh surprise when I was told that I would have written articles for websites

article 1

I'm not a computer genius and at first I thought I would not be able to write something beyond the usual school research, shamelessly copied from wikipedia, and instead I think I succeeded

I have learned so many things, from understanding what images I can take from google, to how to write an article so that the reader does not get bored after two lines, to what a person looks for online, how to translate a published article into different languages or even to do my true and own website. 

Always at the beginning of the experience I had some doubts about how touristic the la would actually beI work, but also here I ended up changing my mind: I wrote articles on the beaches and traditions of the island that I would never find out if I was at the reception in a hotel. 

Me at Coworking

Another great thought that ran through my head was that of how I would have found myself with the boss or colleagues, but fortunately, they have always been available for anything and helped me a lot. 

L'atmosphere of the working environment it was something I really enjoyed working here I found out a work in my opinion stupendous, that of digital nomad: in the morning as soon as I entered and sat in my place I saw many people working, sometimes the usual ones and sometimes different from the day before and this thing at first seemed very strange to me, but already after a couple of days, I realized that everyone was there to do theirs and it did not bother another person present at the Coworking at all. 

article 2

How I experienced the island

I also liked the island itself a lot, although I repeat, I'm not used to it yet. 

The sea and the beaches are beautiful, people are much more relaxed and the atmosphere itself, even at work, is almost like a summer afternoon, where in the morning you study and then you are on vacation

Even on the island I had fears, coming from a city anyway, I was afraid of find nothing I can have fun with, such as discos, pubs or outgoing people and instead I totally changed my mind

el cotillo

On weekends or after work afternoons, we also managed to visit many famous places on the island, like the capital, Puerto del Rosario, the Cotillo, PopCorn Beach, the Dunes of Corralejo and theLobos island and it goes without saying that I was fascinated by it, in Monza with a 15 minute bus ride I certainly can't get to see and spend an entire afternoon on the white sand dunes! 

We also did several walks, far too many in my opinion, both to get to Calderon Hondo, both on the Island of Lobos

In short, as a whole I can't complain about working too hard, but neither about coming here to take my vacation and I am very happy to have had such an experience and in the way I have done it. 

Calderon Hondo

What do I take home from this experience?

I have learned a lot of things and not just at work.

At home I took so many things for granted which here turned out to be a not insignificant commitment, such as shopping and cooking. 

It definitely was an opportunity that made me grow a lot, both in the work for the skills that I think I have acquired, and as a person in general, because I had to live for a month without mum and dad, having to manage every eventuality

I don't like the idea of going back to Italy in four days, but I am sure that I will carry this experience within my whole life, both on the working side and on the human side. 

Marina Rigamonti

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