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How is the climate in the winter months?

Fuerteventura is known for belonging to the Canary islands, where the weather remains warm and temperate all year round.

For this reason Fuertevntura, as well as the others Canary islands, remains a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

In any case, not only tourists who love to savor the beaches and monuments that the island offers, but also workers come here to work in smart-working with serenity and calm.

Despite this, whatever winter month you choose, it is advisable to know the various temperatures in the winter months:

While September and October are still considerated summer months, because of high daytime temperatures, novemer, December and January represent the coldest months in Fuerteventura

November and december months effectively rapresent the begining of winter season in the island.

Until mid-november the temperatures keep warm and the weather is unquestionably ideal; Towards the second half of the month, the temperatures begin to drop with strong temperature variations between day and night and, finally, typical equatorial rainfall begin to appear.

During December occurs the transition to winter season; It should be appropriated to be properly dressed, the sea cools down and the days at the beach can only be used in the central hours.

Average temperaturesSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember
Min (° C)20191715
Max (° C)27252421

In January temperatures remain cold as well as in February, absolutely the coolest months among the year to visit it, with daily temperatures between 19 and 21 degrees, while between 15 and 16 degrees at night.

Average temperaturesJanuaryFebruary
Min (° C)1414
Max (° C)2021

How do you work in smart-working on the island?

Nowadays it is enough to have a good internet connection to work in smart-working anywhere.

The smart-working phenomenon is constantly growing given the promising results that can be obtained in terms of working efficiency and effectiveness.

There are many young workers who go to Fuerteventura to work in this way, thanks to the favorable climate and the unique beaches.

Due to the various restrictions due to Covid-19, many European residents have moved to the Canary Islands to continue working without restrictions.

Thanks to this, the Canary Islands are experiencing a second tourist growth.

Serenity, well-being, entertainment but above all a good internet connection, thanks to the recent completion of the high-speed optical fiber, make the island suitable.

To work in smart-working it will be necessary:

  • Internet connection
  • a laptop
  • a suitable place to do your job

Internet and telephone services on the island:

Regarding the mobile Internet connection, being in Europe, within the island is possible to use the same tariff plan used in Italy.

In fact, thanks to Roaming like at home, the EU package of regulations regulating roaming between EU countries, it is possible to surf on the Internet, make calls and send SMS without any extras; to be checked only eventual limitations offered by the operator in use.

Places suitable for work:

Within the island exists numerous places suitable for smart-working; whatever they are workers rooms in resorts or hotels orproper offices that offer the possibility of working remotely using Wi-Fi with cheap prize.

If within your resort or hotel there is no opportunity to work with serenity and silence, it is advisable to go to the various offices available.

Documents needed to travel and stay in Fuerteventura:

To reach Fuerteventura is necessary to hold ID card, if you come from EU country, or Passport, Green Pass or Covid-19 molecolar test and, finally, you will need to fill out a Health form to enter in Spain.

The Health form could be fill out online, via Spain Travel Health, or once arrived in Spain.

To stay on the island you will not need additional documents, those used for its achievement are enough.

Water sports to practice:

Fuerteventura rapresents a great opportunity to practice differents outdoor sports, especially water sports.

Fuerteventura island has attractive landscapes full of spectacular beaches, with white and soft sand and a privileged climate all year round.

This makes it ideal to practice many sports.

For lovers of water sports, this island offers an excellent option thanks to its strong winds, which can reach high speeds, suitable for kitesurfing, sailing or windsurfing.

Other sports practiced are:

  • hiking
  • kitesurfing
  • scuba diving
  • snorkeling
  • surf
  • paddle surfing
  • jet ski 
  • kayak.


Fuerteventura offers various options for hikers through pleasant and interesting routes or difficult ones for the more athletic.

Some interesting and challenging routes in Fuerteventura are: 

From Cofete to Morro Jable, from Betancuria to Costa Calma and from Corralejo to El Cotillo.

Kitesurf, Surf and Windsurf:

On Fuerteventura's island there are beaches suitable to practice these sports, especially in Corralejo and Sotavento (Costa Calma).

In addition, it has a variety of schools to learn or refine the appropriate techniques in its execution.

Its beaches with strong winds allow the execution of various maneuvers and pirouettes of these sports practices, reaching high speeds.

In fact since 1985 Fuerteventura has been chosen as a destination for the celebration of the International Windsurfing and Kiteboarding.

It consists ina huge competition in wich international celebrities partecipate in the Kitesurf and Windsurf competitions.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling:

In Fuerteventura the three main tourist destinations offer the opportunity of diving with the help of equipped diving centers.

Costa Calma is the least suitable beach due to sandy seabed, the waves and the wind; in Caleta de Fueste the situation already improved both as the quality of the dive and the structure:

the old English diving club, which definitely lacked organization and safety, was in fact, and fortunately, replaced by new managers of Germanic origin. 

Finally in Corralejo the dives, which take place mainly between Fuerteventura and Los Lobos channels, are absolutely amazing.

Paddle surf:

It is also know as paddle bearding, it is a sport in which the user have to stand on a borad and with the help of a paddle to glide over the water.

It consists in a more relaxed practice than others of its kind, which requires balance and concentration.

Furthermore it brings benefits to be able to exercise arms muscles, and offers the possibility to relax and disconnect from daily routines activities.

Jet ski:

A unique activity that fills with energy and enthusiasm, while glinding over the Fuerteventura's sea and waves on a jet ski, visiting beautiful beaches from another view.

Undoubtedly, in addition to fun, this activity allows you to develop balance and concentrate ability.


Kayak is an appropriate sport to be practed by spending time with friends and family, which allows to adapt to various types of waves.

Also, in Fuerteventura, is possible to find various options for performing this sport, which can include hiking in different island's areas.

Proximity to the major European capitals:

From Fuerteventura is possible to reaach any European capital at low cost, such as:

  • Rome (from 30 €)
  • Milan (from 25 €)
  • London (from 38 €)
  • Paris (from 38 €)
  • Madrid (from 16 €)
  • Barcelona (from 16 €)
  • Valencia (from 16 €)
  • Amsterdam (from 35 €)

If you are interested in having more information about Fuerteventura and its services, the Cofete Coworking staff will respond to your requests.

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