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There are moments in the life of a startup when it has to make decisions that make it grow and evolve.

Steve Jobs didn't always build computers in the garage - he went out, marketed them, and took the next step. The same thing happens in a startup.

At the beginning, at the time of the research of the idea, of the creation of the project and of its realization, perhaps you can stay at home.

But there comes a key moment when you need to step out, work from the heart of the business world and take advantage of the benefits this can offer you. Moving from living room to office is not an easy process.

You have to find the most suitable area, keep in mind that maintenance costs are quite high and that at first the equipment may not be large enough to occupy an office.

Therefore, the best option to take the first steps as a company are coworking spaces.

When the startup still doesn't have the funds or the need to invest in a regular office, it usually goes the middle ground, which is coworking.

This way you will have an internet connection, fixed or flexible workstations in a stimulating space, and on many occasions you will have a kitchen and access to events and programs created by the space itself.

If we add to this the Explorer- Young People with Ideas experience, in which you enjoy five months of coworking in the different Explorer Spaces, you will surely miss working side by side with other entrepreneurs with whom to multiply your efforts.

Each space is an ecosystem of opportunities for the development of innovative ideas, so if you want to recreate synergies with other entrepreneurs, we will tell you 10 benefits for your startup when it comes to sharing the workspace and becoming a lover of colleagues.

Why start your Start Up in a coworking?

More than a necessity, it is an experience that will make a difference. If you find the one that best suits your needs, which deals with topics that interest you and where there are key people who can provide you with help at specific times, don't hesitate to move.

Among the advantages that a startup can obtain in a coworking we find:

Cost savings

Obviously, a flexible and fixed location, or even renting a small space such as an office within a coworking, is much cheaper than renting or buying a regular office.

Furthermore, with the monthly fee you can have access to the meeting rooms, you will have Wi-Fi, and possibly include photocopying services, reception, priority access to events organized by the space itself.


One of the biggest advantages of turning your home into a workspace, undoubtedly, is the ability to connect with people in your industry, with people who are in the same situation as you or even with mentors that you will have forever.

At the end of the day you will be working side by side with profiles of all kinds, and if you do a little research on the people you are interested in meeting before choosing a space, creating a network will be much easier for you.

Flexibility of schedules

Startups usually have endless and sometimes rare hours.

Therefore, finding a coworking that suits your needs is essential.

Not all are open 24 hours a day or on weekends, so if most of your time at work is late in the day or you prefer to focus on your activities on Sunday mornings, look for a space that gives you the flexibility you have. need.


Being locked up at home, just focusing on your project and not looking outside is not good.

Much better to go out, interact with people, learn about other stories and be inspired by all of them.

If what you need is motivation and desire, the decision to move to a coworking will give you enough energy to continue fighting for your dreams, thanks to seeing for yourself how the dreams of others come true.

Links and compatibility

In addition to networking that you can do on your own, many workspaces also offer community services where they connect people with compatible projects so that synergies are created and can help each other.

Separate the home from the workplace

Many times, when working from home, the boundaries of personal life and professional life are blurred.

By renting a location or office in a workspace, you will be able to set stricter schedules and define your free time more clearly.


In most workspaces, they offer free or heavily discounted courses, tutoring, or training for coworking members.

It is a good way to improve the areas of knowledge you have worked on less, and to know many more fields that can help you improve as an entrepreneur.

Scalable growth

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about making a large investment in an office in case your team starts growing.

Coworking adapts to your growth needs every month and pays fixed or flexible positions depending on your startup needs.

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