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The Carnival of Carnivals in the municipality of La Oliva returns with a program full of events that will last from 7 to 26 March and in which the most representative acts of the northern carnival will be recovered, where the musical show by Lennis Rodríguez, the carnival race or the Grand Drag Queen Gala.

The mayor, Pilar González, together with the Councilor for Celebrations Sara Estévez and other members of the society, accompanied by the representatives of the local Las Sargorías murga for adults, the Los Garabatos murga for children, the Corumba batucada and the Sabor childrens appearance in Corumba, attended the presentation of the complete program of activities.

Carnaval 2022 La Oliva

Sara Estévez highlighted some of the most important points of the program, such as the proclamation of the Perdomo family which will take place at the end of the Carnival Culture exhibition in the area set up next to the José Perdomo Umpiérrez Pavilion on 7 March, the Grand Gala for the election of the Adult Queen on the 8th or the Drag Queen Gala; together with sporting events such as the Carnival Race which avails itself of the collaboration of the Department of Sport and the Drag Queen Gala in collaboration with the Department of Tourism. 

He also regretted that the current sanitary conditions do not yet allow the recovery of the traditional parade through the streets of Corralejo, but that work is already being done to recover it in all its glory for the next edition. Finally, he wanted to underline the effort in having great artists such as singers Lennis Rodríguez and Marta Sánchez, internationally recognized.

Carrera Carnavalera La Oliva 2022

For his part, Mayor Pilar González said that “presenting this program has a special meaning for everyone, for us as heads of this Municipal Council that we wanted to return to the square the joy that has always passed through them; for you, residents and visitors of La Oliva, who know that seeing those scenarios full of lights and sounds is the sign that together we are about to defeat the virus. This is why I encourage everyone to enjoy each of the acts that this symbolic program contains, but on the other hand I ask you to do so with the responsibility and commitment to respect the rules you have always shown "

Main dates of the Carnival of the Carnivals of Corralejo:

7 March | Presentation of the 30th anniversary of the Murga Los Garabatos for children
March 10 | Carnival Cultural exhibition and proclamation of the carnival
11 March | Gala for the election of the Queen of the Adult Carnival
March 12 | Carnival in the family with the 5th edition of the carnival race
March 13 | Gala for the election of the Queen of the Children's Carnival
March 14 | Concert by Lennis Rodríguez
March 15th | Musical show for children "The Magic Door"
March 16 | Senior Carnival
March 17 | Gala of dances
March 18 | Murgas Marathon
March 19 | II Carnival Exhibition
March 20 | Drag Queen of the Grand Gala
And on March 26 Carnival in La Oliva with the show of La Murgota.

The various shows were set up in compliance with safety regulations against Covid-19, celebrating the extensive program in the venue set up next to the José Perdomo Umpiérrez pavilion.

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