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A few hours flight from the main European cities Fuerteventura in recent years has been emerging as a very popular destination for smart workers and digital nomads.

Thanks to Fuerteventura's exceptional conditions, remote work is a dream here. 

The climate it is mild all year round and the island offers 150 kilometers of beaches

The work-life balance is truly perfect here.

The island of eternal spring has reconfirmed its magic.

She posed as a little girl happy oasis compared to the continuous closures of other countries of the world.

Even if with due care, residents and tourists have been able to enjoy the beauties of the island, eat in restaurants, spend sunny days on the beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura and practice outdoor sports.

Its climate and the possibility of practicing sports is attracting, from all over Europe, Digital Nomads, the new category of work, the “Smart work”.

Boys and girls, and not just young people, who work online just with a computer, a smartphone and a good internet connection, have chosen Fuerteventura as a place to work.

The "invasion" of these boys can be seen in the streets: beyond to the ever-present surfboard, it is more and more frequent to see boys in bars, intent on working remotely with their laptop and headphones, from which they do not hear music but with whom they talk all over the world as if they were in their office as they used to do before pandemic.

Lots of them are digital entrepreneurs, they have their own social channels with thousands of followers.

I am Youtubers, influencers, yoga and sports instructors, but also programmers, sales people or even people involved in online trading.

They are unusual tourists but they have given a change to the economy of Fuerteventura.

During these months we have had the pleasure of meeting some of them and discovering the reasons for coming here to spend a few months away from their country.

Surfing, kite surfing, living in the open air, discovering fascinating places with the possibility of experiencing this moment of closure in a safe place, a few hours flight from home and with a unique climate, in fact eternally spring.

Super fast internet

Thanks to the continuous investments of the government of the Canary Islands, the island of Fuerteventura has fast connection in major cities.

In the last few months in Corralejo, it has gone from 300mb per second to 1 Gigabyte.

Over the next year, 10GB per second is expected.

Fuerteventura has the largest number of hours of sunshine in Europe

Fuerteventura has the largest number of hours of sunshine in Europe

The Canary Islands are one of the regions with the most sunshine hours in Europe, more than 3,000.

It is their geographical position that favors long, sunny days throughout the year.

In winter the sun rises at 7:30 am and sets at 7:30 pm, in summer it is daylight at 7:00 am and night falls at 8:30 pm.

How to dress

Thanks to the always mild climate, at any time of the year you decide to leave, you will have to pack only light clothes, summer shoes and something heavier for the night and for high altitudes.

If you intend to do some special activities or sports, do not forget to pack suitable clothes and of course also remember your bathing suit, sunscreen and sunglasses.

After their online work, they dedicate themselves to their passions and to all that the island has to offer.


150 km of pristine beaches, among the most beautiful in Europe. They stand out for their beauty, Cofete and Sotavento in the south, Esquinzo, Pop Corn Beach and Piedra Playa in the north


Fuerteventura is a very popular surfing destination in Europe. The best time to surf starts in September until the end of March.

The attraction of this sport is palpable among smart workers and digital nomads. Those who get on a surfboard for the first time right here in Fuerteventura and those who love this sport make this island a popular destination.

Once your work is finished you will have the possibility to choose among the 48 spots scattered throughout the island where the waves are formed.

There are spots for beginners and spots for experts, with both sandy and rocky bottoms.

Cofete Coworking has discounts and agreements with the school LOBOS SURF CAMP FUERTEVENTURA

Kite Surf and Wind Surf

Fuerteventura is the island of the wind and is one of the most popular destinations for all those who love Kite Surf and Wind Surf.

The wind in Fuerteventura is practically all year round, thanks to the trade winds and its particular weather conditions you can experience these water sports 12 months a year.

There are areas of the island where practicing this sport is a dream.

Among the most coveted spots:

  • Puerto Lajas El Burro (Glass Beach)
  • Flag Beach (Punta Prieta)
  • Punta Helena (Rocky point)
  • Majanicho El Faro (Cotillo)
  • Spew pits (Cotillo)
  • El Cotillo (El Tostón)
  • Sotavento

Boat excursions

If you plan to do something different during your stay and have always dreamed of experiencing catamaran, sport fishing or snorkeling experiences. Fuerteventura is the right place.

Cofete Coworking is very close to the port of Corralejo where the company Fuerte Charter organizes unforgettable experiences.

Daily boat trips to Isla de Lobos and Lanzarote. You will have a wonderful experience aboard a ship in an unforgettable and incomparable place.

Or they prepare gods Yoga retreats in Fuerteventura

The staff of Cofete Coworkng remains available for any further information on the island, about your travel and stay.

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