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Working on vacation, it seems a contradiction, is the new paradigm in the world of work who inherited the Covid-19 pandemic. "Worknation”Comes from the union of the English words work + vacation (vacations) = to wash on vacation.

One of the places to practice this new lifestyle is definitely Fuerteventura

Do not you believe it?

In this post I will reveal all the reasons for spend a period of vacation and work whether you decide to take a short vacation or you decide to take a long-term vacation.

The climate of Fuerteventura

You have decided to work remotely or to take a long-term trip to get some time off.

Are you a digital nomad and you want to work with a warm weather all year round?

Fuerteventura is an Island that it is part of the archipelago of the Canary Islands. The islands defined by many of eternal spring.

Ma ppa Canary Islands

The climate is exceptional all year round.

During the winter period, while in the main European capitals there are temperatures ranging from -5 to 10 degrees, in Fuerteventura lat temperature it never drops below 18 degrees during the evening and during the day there is always one temperatures ranging from 20 to 27 degrees.

The climate itself leads you to have the feeling of always being on vacation.

At Christmas you can comfortably celebrate your Christmas holidays directly on the beach.

Life here is never hectic

Road connecting Corralejo to Puerto del Rosario (Corralejo Dunes)

The traffic, the subway waiting for the green light to go off.

All these things on this island do not exist.

In the whole island there is only one traffic light, and the whole traffic is organized by roundabouts.

There are no traffic jams, there is no subway, and the highways are wide and spacious.

The speed limit on motorways is 110 km per hour, in cities there are often limits of 30 km per hour.

The activities open no earlier than 9 in the morning and in the evening thanks also to the sunlight they close no earlier than 21:00

The rhythms on this island are definitely not very hectic.

Dream beaches

Playa del Moro

Not just the climate, the whole island is great.

There are places where you can get lost and find contact with nature.

The beaches in Fuerteventura there is no shortage and indeed there are all kinds.

Long beaches like Cofete, small coves as in the western part of the island, there are beaches with black sand like the Ayui beach or beaches formed by Pebbles com Playa de Los Molinos.

Not all of them are suitable for swimming due to strong currents, however, it will be possible to sunbathe 12 months a year.

Possibility to combine vacation and work

Fuerteventura has all the ingredients to make worknation.

In our Coworking we have hosted digital nomads and smart workers who have chosen to spend a period of time on the island working and enjoying the climate, the beaches and the always carefree climate that Fuerteventua offers.

Renè Zanella Youtuber and digital nomad tells his experience from Smartworkers in Fuerteventura and of which we thank for being our guest.

NB: the video incorrectly indicates the opening time of our Coworking at 10:00.

Our Coworking is open from 9:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday and Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00

The launch of Floworking Ayuntamento La Oliva

A few days ago theAyuntamento de La Oliva launched its campaign to attract digital nomads from all over Europe with the project Floworking.

Welcome to floworking, a new way of understanding teleworking.

Work how and when you want, with an incredible fiber optic network, many people like you and in a wonderful environment. Welcome to La Oliva.

Inside the portal you can hear some testimonies of people who have chosen the municipality of La Oliva - like place to move for a while and be able to continue working remotely like Luca.

Fuerteventura has all the ingredients to become the Bali of Europe attracting digital nomads from all over Europe and beyond

We are waiting for you in Fuerteventura at our Coworking

If you need information do not hesitate to contact us we will help you to dispel any doubts.

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