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Are you a digital nomad or a smart-worker

At the end of your working day you can close your pc or laptop and spend your free time with many activities that you can do in Corralejo.

In corralejo and also in the surrounding areas you can practice different outdoor sports, especially if aquatic type.

Practicing sports is incredible for health, not only physically, but also mentally, as practicing them calms the mind, giving the body all the necessary strength. Practicing sports has been shown to improve health and generate a variety of sensations that fill people with positive energy and optimism. 

If you like water sports, this island offers a great option thanks to its strong winds, which can reach high speeds very suitable for:

Kitesurfing, surfing and windsurfing 

Are you a lover of water sports? Fuerteventura and especially the north of the island offer various places and activities related to water sports. 

There are many beaches to practice these sports, especially in Corralejo. Also there are a variety of schools to learn or refine the appropriate techniques in its execution.

Touristically Fuerteventura is considered a good tourist destination all year round, however, for water sports there is a better season than the others (especially for surfing). For wind sports we speak of spring and summer, when the trade winds blow (mainly from the north east) more intensely. The month with the least wind is October but even in this period there are pretty good days.

For surfers, the real fun starts in September and continues at least until the beginning of November with the best conditions and perfect temperatures, in winter you will have to take into account a slight drop in temperatures in and out of the water (20 ° - 23 ° C during the day) and some disturbance from the south but the waves will continue to be there. The spring season and the beginning of summer are less positive.

Kite surfing
Wind Surf

Scuba diving

Do you like the sea and are you looking for crystal clear waters and marine species that you can photograph or swim with?

Fuerteventura is marine biosphere reserve and there are several unique ecosystems of its kind.

This island offers various diving schools, where you can receive instructions and training to be able to carry out this practice. One of the most popular diving spots is located at north of Corralejo, especially in Lobos.

The Lobos landscape it consists of beaches, coves, natural and salt pools; the interior is made up of sandy areas, gullies, slopes and old lava rivers. As for the fauna, in Lobos they have been mentioned up to 21 breeding species, although some of them, such as the osprey and the Berber falcon, are considered extinct on the islet.

Scuba diving

Paddle surfing

Also known as paddle boarding, it is a sport in which the user must stand on a board with the help of a paddle. It is a practice that it requires balance and concentration. It benefits the arm muscles, and offers the opportunity to relax and disconnect from daily activities.

The route that connects the island of Lobos and the Port of Corralejo is excellent for practicing this activity thanks to the low tide, as they form areas without waves.

Paddle Surf

Jet ski

An activity that will fill you with energy and excitement as you glide over the sea and waves on a jet ski, visiting beautiful beaches from another perspective. Without a doubt, in addition to the fun, this practice will allow you to develop yours ability to concentrate and balance.

Jet ski


Is one sport to practice in the company of friends or family, that allows you to adapt to various types of waves. In addition, for the execution of this practice, excursions to different areas of the island can be included.


Bola Canaria

If you are not a lover of extreme sports and are looking for a relaxing pastime, there is this regional sport, which consists of throwing a ball (boccia) in a rectangular area of sand or earth, in order to bring it as close as possible to a goal, which is a smaller ball called "Bolic". It involves accumulating points based on the number of balls closest to the goal.

Excursions on foot or by bike

There are also various options for hikers through very pleasant and interesting routes, such as: Trekking or mountain biking.

Fuerteventura has more than 255 kilometers of slopes activated on 22 different routes. All of them form the network of natural trails of Fuerteventura. The 22 hiking trails are divided into 3 categories: the main road 131 (GR-131), small trails (PR-FV) and local trails (SL-FV).

Fuerteventura is divided into 9 stages and crosses the island from north to south. A very interesting and easy to travel route for cycling is Corralejo-el Cotillo, as the journey is flat and the round trip time is approximately 2 hours.

Walking excursion

Corralejo is the right place for a relaxing, sporty and fun holiday. If you want to know more information about Corralejo don't miss our articles, and if you liked it, let me know in the comments !!!

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