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Coworking in Fuerteventura Wellness and CreativityBlog

Coworking in Fuerteventura: Wellness and Creativity for Professional Dreamers

Working in a shared space, such as coworking spaces, is becoming increasingly popular among modern professionals. But what happens when a stimulating work environment merges with…

Workation Fuerteventura - Canary IslandsBlog

Fuerteventura remote work paradise. How to organize your Workation

It's no secret that working from home has transformed the job market and opened up a host of opportunities we never could have thought of. Research …


My experience as an Erasmus + intern in Fuerteventura.

I had the perfect opportunity to fly overseas with eight other students to see a new country and gain work experience. But first let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Justas, I'm ...

hubert szczepanskiBlog

Fuerteventura has been our home for 4 whole weeks!

I visited Fuerteventura thanks to the Erasmus + program together with other students. We were here for an internship and we were all employed in different companies in Fuerteventura, each of us with ...

The complete guide to yoga retreats in Fuerteventura and how to prepare for your next vacationBlog

The complete guide to yoga retreats in Fuerteventura and how to prepare for your next vacation

Your guide will provide an in-depth understanding of what to expect from a yoga retreat in Fuerteventura. It will also answer the question of how to prepare for your next vacation. The biggest …

Repeople conference 2021Blog

Repeople Conference 2021, the most important teleworking event in Europe

Canary Islands 23 November 2021 Repeople Conference celebrates the sixth edition. The largest European conference on remote work will take place on 23 November in a hybrid format and in ...

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