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Repeople conference 2021Blog

Repeople Conference 2021, the most important teleworking event in Europe

Canary Islands 23 November 2021 Repeople Conference celebrates the sixth edition. The largest European conference on remote work will take place on 23 November in a hybrid format and in ...


School-work alternation at Cofete Coworking

Starting from 02/10/2021 I was able to participate in the Erasmus + WEIT project, a project organized by the European Union. This project allows young students, just like me, who still attend the ...


My experience in Fuerteventura As an Intern

Hello!! Today I will tell you about my experience in Fuerteventura !! If you would like to come too, this article is for you !! First of all Nice to meet you, my name is Gabriele Veronesi, I live in ...


The volcanoes of Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura è un’isola subtropicale appartenente all’arcipelago delle Canarie. Dopo Tenerife è l’isola più grande dell’arcipelago. Dal punto di vista geologico, Fuerteventura è considerata l’isola più vecchia delle Canarie; formatasi a …

El Cotillo SunsetBlog


E’ il luogo migliore per alloggiare se cerchi pace e tradizione. Il bello è che questo paesino che si trova nella parte nord-ovest di Fuerteventura ospita anche alcune delle spiagge …

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