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I had the perfect opportunity to fly overseas with eight other students to see a new country and gain work experience. But first let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Justas, I am a 20 year old Lithuanian student and I study IT networking. 

Recruiting started in December 2021, so me and a couple of my classmates applied. February 2022, we were accepted for an Erasmus + internship in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. 

We landed in Fuerteventura on April 20th and met our coordinator Laura, she showed us where we will be staying for the next month and a half, told us some important information and left us to settle down. The next day he showed us our workplaces and companies where we will be working in this time frame. 

I was introduced to the “Cofete Coworking” and the friendly people who work there. My boss Simone taught me about building websites, how Google ranks websites, how the Amazon affiliate program works, how Google Analytics and AdSense work, and of course some marketing secrets that I will definitely take advantage of in the future. . A week later our team strengthened with two other Erasmus students from Poland Tomasz and Hubert.  

Before leaving Lithuania, our teacher told us to choose one of the five attractions we want to visit and of course we chose to surf in the North Atlantic Ocean.

All I'm going to say is that it was great.

The first time standing on a surfboard and getting off the wave you get this feeling of unreal freedom, one of the greatest experiences of my life.

And of course, we had to repeat that feeling, so we went back to surfing a week later. 

Our flight home is two weeks away and we have not yet gone to Volcanes de Bayuyo which is almost across the street from our hotel.

We hired a couple of mountain bikes and started our journey.

As we approached the beginning of the volcano, we realized that leaving our bikes and continuing our journey on foot was our best decision. 

On our last weekend we rented a car and visited three beaches. The first beach was Playa del Castillo located in El Cotillo. We were there for a couple of hours and drove to the next beach.

Playa de Ajuy was the second beach we visited.

For me, this beach was the most beautiful beach I have ever seen with huge cliffs and caves. Playa de la Pared was the last beach we visited.

Aside from the large rocks you have to climb to get to the beach, the beach itself was very beautiful and the waves were the biggest of all the beaches mentioned here.

On June 4th 2022 we left Fuerteventura. Our journey lasted almost 7 weeks and, during that time, I filled my head with many memories and experiences. One of the best opportunities of my life.

Justas Steponavičius

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