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I visited Fuerteventura thanks to the Erasmus + program together with other students. 

We were here for an internship and we were all employed in different companies in Fuerteventura, each of us with different jobs. 

Our group was made up of IT technicians and we were engaged in various tasks. 

I was selected and employed in my internship at Cofete Coworking.

I have carried out various tasks: from writing posts for a newspaper, to the creation of newsletters, through the creation of formulas in Microsoft Excel, to the description of the beaches that are found in the entire archipelago of the Canary Islands.

With us there were people in our group who came from different backgrounds and other professions. 

Some of them are logistics and construction technicians, others are economists or hotel technicians.

We all stayed in one hotel. 

The first day we were split into groups of 3. 

We had to prepare our meals, do the shopping, clean our rooms, wash our dishes and many more to live comfortably.

Every Saturday we went on a trip.

On the first Saturday, April 30th, we took our first excursion. 

We went to visit Lobos Island

Powerful speedboats and not very calm waters made that trip more exciting than a roller coaster ride. 

Once in Lobos we decided to reach the top of the Montaña de la Caldera. 

We all climbed to the top, took photos and spent some time admiring the beauty of the surrounding environment.

Then we headed to the village where we ate paella, some of us even tried paddle surfing.

Our second trip was to the beaches of El Cotillo which is on the west coast of the island. 

Some of us, mostly boys, have bathed in the Atlantic Ocean. 

The girls stood on the sand and sunbathed the whole time. 

We took some great pictures again and at the end of the day we went back to the hotel rooms.

The last excursion was to the Dunas de Corralejo where, in addition to sunbathing and swimming in the ocean, we walked the paths around the dunes. 

This trip was unfortunately also the shortest of all 3.

In our free time we got to visit restaurants and bars in Corralejo, we also tried local pizza and burgers. We bought various souvenirs for ourselves and our family members. 

We also used our hotel's swimming pool very often.

Swimming was one of our favorite activities.

For sure we all will miss Fuerteventura, but after 4 whole weeks it's time to go home.

Hubert Szczepanski

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