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Its imposing sandy beaches are the paradise for those seeking happiness by the sea, Fuerteventura is certainly themost paradisiacal Canary Island.

But it is not only distinguished by the beauty of its sand, it has several original and breathtaking beaches.

Known as "PopCorn Beach", Once called"Playa del Bajo de la Burra”Is one of the most beautiful beaches on the whole island. 

playa popcorn

How do i get to PopCorn Beach?

In the northern coastal between El Cotillo and Corralejo in the municipality of La Oliva, we find a small basin in the magnificent beach of Corralejo, we can sunbathe lying on a PopCorn carpet, strange isn't it?

From Corralejo you can reach the beach by foot, walking a path for about 1 hour

Otherwise you can drive up to Popcorn Beach following the road along the coastal town of Majanicho

It is also possible to see these popcorn even near the stretches of sand in the center of the city of Corralejo, thus reaching this white expanse. walk from the city center

popcorn beach from afar

What are these PopCorns actually?

Our beloved popcorns aren't made of golden sand, but they are remains of small calcareous algae, and that globalization is trivially calling "popcorn".

In the seabed throughout the area red algae are very common, technically called rhodoliths

But they are not corals, are a group of coralline algae.

When rhodoliths are alive, they range from pink to purple, and live free and rolling on the ocean floor. They grow very slowly, a few millimeters a year, so much so that every rhodolith we see today on the popcorn beach takes dozens of years to form.

Once out of the water they dry up and die, piling up on the beaches.

The waves, pushing them ashore, gave them a unique shape, due to theerosion created by the waves and by the now dead and fragmented coral.

On this beach though the phenomenon was really intense, so much so that the beach was literally invaded from popcorn just made

popcorn in hand

Is PopCorn Beach worth visiting?

One of the most photographable places on the island is definitely worth a visit. 

The contrast among the volcanic rocks and the much loved popcorn will allow you to enjoy a breathtaking panorama and ready for instagram.

Certainly not the place to spend an entire afternoon sunbathing, but a visit is a must!

popcorn in hand

Protect PopCorn

The unusual intense white landscape, and the small black stones of volcanic origin though are in danger.

The consequences of popularity are not suitable for this small and fragile environment. 

Many tourists are not satisfied with just visiting the beach, but they take the rhodoliths in handfuls (even in envelope) as a souvenir, some estimates have calculated 10 kg of rhodoliths per month taken away from the beach, there is evidence of this at the airport of the island where hundreds of kilos have accumulated seized from tourists who have tried to take them away from the island as a souvenir, which constitutes a clear attack on the natural heritage of the island.

Local environmental organizations have initiated one conservation campaign to protect the beach, with the hashtag #pasasinhuellaporlaoliva, or rather “visit La Oliva without a trace”, precisely to inform travelers about the importance of conservation in the area.

We can visit it, walk on the "popcorn" and take lots of photos. 


How did PopCorn become famous?

To make it famous were the photographs posted on social networks by many users who were speechless in front of this expanse of popcorn! 

The first time this natural wonder appeared on social media, it was with the hashtag #PopCornBeach. It has since gone viral, triggering tons of visitors sharing theirs images with the same label, each with their own original shot, by those who pretend to eat them and those who simply pose, the popcorn of this now beloved beach counts thousands of likes on Instagram and any other social network.


So we advise you to visit this unique beach and take a thousand original and ready-to-use social shots. however, let's avoid taking popcorn home with us! Fossil algae are part of the natural habitat and they have to stay where they are.

The Cofete Coworking staff is available for any request or information regarding the island and our Coworking space

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