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We are pleased to present the Cofete Coworking logo.

Finally here we are!

One of the last pieces before the inauguration. In recent months we have thought a lot about what our coworking and our vision - philosophy should communicate.

Cofete Coworking was born in Corralejo Fuerteventura, to propose a new working philosophy based on smart working and sharing, to bring together a community of people and organizations that share more than one space and work tools, favoring:

- exchanges,

- community,

- projects,

- innovation accelerators.

We want to create an atmosphere of community. It is not just about working side by side, but a lively exchange is desirable.

A sense of community thanks to the support and the transfer of mutual know-how.

Various events and activities will support the feeling of community in our Coworking.

The island of Fuerteventura is a paradise on earth, a perfect destination for working remotely and spending your free time in magnificent places practicing sports, or sunbathing on the beach even in December.

Soon we will announce the day and time of the inauguration!

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