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Attract remote workers  Worldwide. 

With this goal in mind, the tourism office launches an action plan with which it intends to intercept 30,000 professionals who choose the Canary Islands for the telework. 

The plan also focuses on generating a culture of remote work in the sector of Canary tourism and encouraging international companies to focus on islands so their employees can work remotely.

The global strategy and concrete action plan to be developed this year to attract teleworkers from all over the world to the Canary Islands are already underway. 

"The office with the best climate in the world" is the communication concept with which we will work to position the archipelago as a privileged destination for this segment, with the aim of attracting 30,000 teleworkers in five years.

This strategy will focus on three main lines of action:

  • Generating a remote working culture in the tourism sector of the Canary Islands.
  • Encourage international companies to choose the islands to let their employees work remotely, offering the archipelago as an ideal destination for relocation.
  • Attract remote workers enhancing the brand values that interest them. 

The Canary Islands should take advantage of this to be a leader in a rapidly expanding tourism segment: teleworkers.

With a growth rate that went from 30% to 65%, this tourism segment it will contribute to enriching the structure of the Canary Islands tourism model, rejuvenating the destination and refreshing the brand. 

It will also be an opportunity to attract highly skilled professionals, without forgetting that teleworkers have longer stays and spend more in the destination, which will be extended directly to the entire economy of the Canary Islands.

Actions for 2021

Among the initiatives that will be carried out this year, an action that we will carry out as a job offer stands out, by which we mean that remote workers who wish to participate compete with each other to obtain the job award from the Canary Islands with all expenses paid for a maximum period of six months. 

This campaign will move to specialized telework portals, native media and social networks, with the aim of seeking notoriety in the community of teleworkers around the world.

The agreement with a technological multinational, another of the objectives of the actions aimed at the telework segment.

Another goal is reach an agreement with a powerful technological multinational to choose the Canary Islands as a place to promote teleworking among its staff. 

An action that will be accompanied by a campaign to promote the culture of remote work in the tourism sector among the entrepreneurs of the Canary Islands, with the creation of a guide and the training of its managers.

Promotional actions will target at community of remote workers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as a survey in the United States.

Source: Tourism of Islas Canarias

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